The assumption is that your online video channel on a video platform generates traffic to your site. But is that really so? If you offer their player on your site, they will entice your visitor at the end of the video to watch videos of possible competitors in your site or on their site. 5. Competitors can advertise around your videos If someone watches your video, then that person is immediately interesting for your competitor to advertise on. So while someone is watching your company video, product video or demo video on their platform or on your website.

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The competitor can steal your potential customer. Advertising can only be off if you really manage to build a lot of reach. But then a new risk immediately arises: your entire community is in their hands, instead of you being able to communicate directly with your target group. One policy change, one complaint, or one Lithuania Email List to their algorithm can shut down your painstakingly built community. Making videos on your own platform step-by-step plan Your professional video strategy in 10 steps Don’t worry, you don’t have to ditch YouTube.

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It is a matter of using a video platform differently: for teasers. This is your professional online video strategy in ten steps: 1. Teasers on a free video platform Create short teaser videos of say 30 seconds and post them on your favorite free video platform. Refresh this channel regularly. That the algorithms continue to rank you high and your audience is always surprised with new material. Short videos make it much more difficult for competitors to advertise. 2. Work with call to actions to your site

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