You do this to determine which campaigns it is better to pause Malta Phone Number List now. Always ask yourself whether the content still meets the current need. Think of alternative campaigns With appropriate campaigns you ensure that you remain relevant and present with your Malta Phone Number List target group. Organize a brainstorm with your team and think about how you deal with the news from your brand. Think about how you can be relevant in times of crisis. What does the coronavirus mean for your target group? What questions do they have and how can you help them? 3 examples of alternative campaigns .

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Omapost responds to the corona virus with Coromapost: 2. With Malta Phone Number List the Brabant campaign, five Brabant companies can respond to the crisis. Screenshot of how a company from Braband is responding to the corona virus on LinkedIn, in times of crisis communication. 3. The Malta Phone Number List Nutrition Center is hooking up with a special page about the coronavirus and nutrition. Screenshot of the website of the Nutrition Center, they link up with a special page about the corona virus. Customize your tone of voice Stick to your voice, but adjust your tone to sensitivities.

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Malta Phone Number List

If you come up with a creative inhaker, be careful not to become Malta Phone Number List too light-hearted and funny in your communication. Think about what is appropriate for each situation and target group. Try to put yourself in your target audience: how will they feel when Malta Phone Number List they read, hear or see your message? Humor is always good, but it has to be appropriate. Set up monitoring and alerts That way, you’re always up to date with news about your brand. During crisis communication, use the expertise of professionals as much as possible and keep in mind that you have to organize communication differently than usual.

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