However, the IT Manager focuses on technology and the Sales Director on Sales and Customer Services on Customers; rarely do they combine their resources to evaluate the most profitable. Direction and then source products that would benefit them all accordingly. Selling to each department may work for a reseller; but it is a poor strategy for the customer.

Exhibitions and fairs

We live in a 24/7 society; from buying groceries, carrying out our banking and every other. Consumer orientated activity you can imagine is available at our fingertips. If something goes wrong with our television, washing machine or indeed if Leads for Commercial Real Estate we had been charged something on our account, we know that by simply picking up the telephone we can contact the customer services representative.

Personal selling

We have all come to expect this consumer status quo, yet we do not have the same mentality when it comes to our own businesses. Take a moment to think if you’re IT system failed or if your telephone. System failed, naturally you would expect support immediately to rectify the problem. Whether it’s gas or electricity or any other consumable when we want a response we want it now.

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