More and more data companies are coming up with their own payment Kazakhstan Email List and associated payment accounts. Think, for example, of ApplePay, AmazonPay or AliPay. For example, a consumer is confronted with several accounts, whereby the option is offered on each of those accounts to buy on Kazakhstan Email List or to take (small) credit. And as if the financial clutter weren’t cluttered enough, the banks are also saying goodbye to private payment systems and we are dependent on accounts with a variety of commercial parties. How do Kazakhstan Email List keep an overview of our credits?

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Or worse, how much debt do we owe and to whom? Also read: Kazakhstan Email List Finance (DeFi): the new foundation of trust in the financial world? How does money hold its value? It seems that in the digital world we will deal with money in a very different way. Payments will no longer be Kazakhstan Email List only by the euro or the main bank. With which currency will we pay for a purchase and through which account? And are we going to convert all day long or will we lose all sense of value? Something strange is happening in the digital world. Where the value of a currency such as the euro or the dollar is monitored by a central bank, the value of Kazakhstan Email List currencies is left to the delusions of the day.

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The values ​​of these currencies fluctuate like stocks on a Kazakhstan Email List exchange. How do we, as a consumer, still maintain an overview of prices, values, credits or debts? Where can we see which assets, or debts, we have? Towards a CBDC The cryptocurrencies arising from private initiatives are not Kazakhstan Email List and guaranteed by national banks, such as the DNB. And that can come with risks. So salaries could also fluctuate! Meanwhile, some national central banks, including the ECB, are looking at an official Kazakhstan Email List currency: a CBDC ( Central Bank Digital Currency ). Such a virtual currency facilitates payments similar to cash. The transactions with such a coin run outside the banks, just like cash flows directly from wallet to wallet when payment is made.

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