Or ruts. And it feels like you just lost momentum somewhere in the process. So today I want to share 17 tips, strategies, and habits that I use to find that motivation again. I hope you can find something useful here. 1. Refocus on doing what you really, really enjoy doing. 17 things to do when you’re losing motivation When you really enjoy doing something, the motivation to do it comes automatically (most of the time). And when you really want something, it becomes easier to overcome any inner resistance you feel.

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So if you lose motivation, ask yourself: Am I doing what I really want to do? If not, if possible, refocus and start doing that very important thing. 2. List the advantages. Write down all the benefits you would get from achieving something, such as getting Paraguay WhatsApp Number List better or making more money. Save it, then take that list out of the drawer and review it when you run out of motivation again. Or put it somewhere you can see it every day until your dreams come true. This is an effective way to reconnect with your motivation and reason for taking action.

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3. List the shortcomings. You can combine this with a list of benefits to give yourself more motivation to get started and get things done. Ask yourself: What will my life be like in 5 years if I continue on my current path? How could life get worse for me, and even for those around me? Try to visualize the negative consequences as vividly as possible in your mind to motivate you to start making positive changes again. 4. Take 3 minutes to remember your success.

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