Munroe Bergdorf, a black transgender model who was fired by L’Oréal Israel Email List in 2017, quickly responded after sharing a text on her own Facebook profile in which she spoke out against racism. She therefore found the post on Instagram hypocritical of L’Oréal Paris. Me too. Still, L’Oréal Paris Israel Email List this well: Delphine Viguier, who heads the cosmetics company, contacted Bergdorf and apologized. Bergdorf was offered a consultant position and a seat on the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board of L’Oréal Paris. She Israel Email List the position and expressed that in this way she hopes to be part of the change.

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That is taking responsibility when things go wrong. Israel Email List that Reebok does less. Nick DePaula told a talk show that Beyoncé wanted to work with Reebok, but dropped out of a meeting with the brand because the employees who attended that meeting were not diverse enough reebok Israel Email List  without any reference to the real problem: lack of diversity. No transparency, which has undoubtedly led Israel Email List consumers to believe Nick DePaula’s story.

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Shame Reebok! Nikkie Plessen also misses the mark with N-Beauty. She states Israel Email List it is an inclusive makeup line, but there are only seven shades of foundation. The receives a lot of criticism and negative comments are. The text under a post on Instagram has been . It has been Israel Email List that you can mix the colors to get the ideal complexion for your skin color and that the line will be Israel Email List . A shame, because this was a great opportunity for the brand to be transparent, show courage and come across as authentic.

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