The impossible becomes possible Are we on the eve of a Italy Email Database digital era? The future is absolutely synthetic, and so close that, according to. We are already right in the middle of it: a new media revolution. The previous one was the rise of social media and has changed the forever in a Italy Email time. Synthetic media will also turn everything upside down. “The revolutionary thing is that humans are going to work together with systems that can do things that we can’t. And that with unprecedented originality says Italy Email tech expert who will also be a keynote speaker during. Content Conference on 17 June.

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Good news for content creators and other Italy Email Database in areas such as marketing and communication, who are stepping into a world in which the impossible becomes possible. Because by combining human skills such as creativity and imagination with artificial intelligent software, valuable new applications are created. From text generators to voice cloning Imagine that while writing an article you are struggling Italy Email Database little inspiration or even writer’s block . Then a system comes up with a new angle at the push of a button. And it also generates the text for you right away. This is done on the basis of a lot of data. After that it’s just a matter of tweaking. Artificially Italy Email software as an infinite idea machine.

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Far future music? Anything but. This technology Italy Email Database GPT-3 is already very actively . Is betting that this language model will be into your Microsoft in the future. Are you looking for an original stock photo of a model? Instead of scouring through all kinds of Italy Email banks, you will tick exactly what you want. Think of age, hair color and facial expression. A machine then Italy Email Database countless images, containing digital models that meet all your specifications. Or you ask a system to come up with an Italy Email yourself based on a textual description. That’s exactly what DALL-E, a program from Elon Musk’s does.

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