Make appointments It is of course very irritating when everyone starts Lebanon Phone Number List talking at the same time. That is why it is good to make agreements with each other. For example, designate a moderator and let each other finish. What also helps (maybe it feels a little crazy at first) is Lebanon Phone Number List to indicate if you want to say something. For example, raise your hand or send a in the chat. 4. Reserve enough time for your meeting It’s always going to be a struggle. Does everyone have the camera on? Do the microphones work? Still looking for a pair of headphones or untangling the ears.

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Make sure you take this into account. Stick in an extra fifteen Lebanon Phone Number List minutes or half an hour for your meeting. Better shorter than expected, than longer than planned. 5. Practice makes perfect We’ve only recently started working from home, but I’m already Lebanon Phone Number List noticing it: the more often you make video calls, the more ‘normal’ it is. Do you have a great tooltip for online meetings? Please leave a comment! Many mailboxes are filled with service emails about how the corona crisis affects the services of organizations. A well-known phenomenon that also emerged during the introduction of the GDPR.

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How do you handle this carefully as a company and ensure Lebanon Phone Number List that your mail does not end up in the trash as ‘spam’? In many cases, it is indeed good for customers to know where they stand in the near future. Think of a gym subscription that can be paused for free or what will happen to the trip you recently booked. However, it is also possible that this means exceeds its Lebanon Phone Number List goal and that a message is seen as spam. To prevent this and to limit the inconvenience, I recommend that you always ask yourself these three questions before sending a service email. 1. What is the purpose of your service email? Service emails are excluded from the consent requirement, because they have no commercial,

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