According to the GDPR , you must be able to explain why this Luxembourg Phone Number List data was collected and why it is (still) in your database. Data subjects can therefore exercise one of their rights, including the right of access or the right to be forgotten. Where possible, you can Luxembourg Phone Number List proactively communicate why the customer is receiving this email. This way you avoid a lot of (time-consuming) questions with your customer service. A service email is a useful means of informing your customers in this strange time. As a sector, let’s ensure that this product causes as little nuisance as possible.

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Come up with a ‘Museum Hour’ for people with a museum annual Luxembourg Phone Number List card. Which encourages you to visit your museum briefly but more frequently. Be available online for visitors with doubts and/or questions about the visit. Continuing with this creativity Luxembourg Phone Number List in the cultural sector. It is not yet possible to say how short-term and long-term developments will unfold in the cultural sector (and many other sectors). As a marketer, try to move along creatively, while retaining your own identity.

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Execute plans that contribute to your communication Luxembourg Phone Number List strategy. And that you can still use after this period. What are the do’s for Luxembourg Phone Number List crisis communication? What do you communicate if your company comes to a standstill or if something changes in your service? How do you stay top-of-mind and relevant to your target audience? With this checklist you are well prepared. Crisis communication checklist Communicate proactively Will something change in your service? Can customers still contact you?

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