There is an explanation function available (bottom right) but I Ecuador Phone Number List don’t have the time/inclination for that. As far as the ‘easy’ point is concerned, this tool scores slightly less well. The free version only allows you to do what I did in the screenshot below. Make clouds, draw arrows and add emoji. Other people can also leave a comment on your cloud or give it a thumbs up Ecuador Phone Number List or down. You can see this (very small) behind the sentence ‘Hi, this is another test’. Screenshot of the MindMister whiteboard tool. 5. InVision You can use InVision to quickly draw diagrams or wireframes with a number of drawing tools. This program is very clear and resembles Adobe Illustrator.

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At first glance, perhaps more of a tool for real designers. After Ecuador Phone Number List creating a free account, you can choose whether you work alone or in a team. I chose ‘alone’. Then you get three options: prototype, freehand or board. I choose freehand because this option seems the most suitable for a brainstorming session. As you can see in the screenshot below, I like Ecuador Phone Number List the font. What you can also see is that you can sync real-time with Sketch and Adobe Photoshop. This makes it extra useful for designers. All in all, this seems like a nice tool. And you can use all the features for free. Screenshot of the whiteboard tool InVision. 6. Ayao After you have created an account in the Ayoa tool, you can choose between Mind Maps and Task Boards.

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I choose the first option. Then I choose ‘organic map’. I had Ecuador Phone Number List some trouble getting the following together, but once you figure this out, it’s a great tool for brainstorming. In the free version it is only possible to add text areas, branches and emoji. Advantage: you can also zoom in and out very far in this whiteboard so that you can put many brainstorms next to Ecuador Phone Number List each other and connect them to each other. Screenshot of the Ayoa tool. 7. Mindomo The Mindomo tool tool focuses on three different goals: using mind maps for the classroom, for yourself (if you want to organize your life) and for collaboration. After creating an account, it is nice that I can immediately choose an example mind map.

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