An even more radical application Roger Dooley just came El Salvador Phone Number List up with another proposal. In this article he proposes to use the ‘ Cootie effect ‘ . You can clearly see the Cootie effect when you do your own shopping. Although everything is neatly packaged, you do not like to put your bread against your detergent. You feel ‘contaminated’ ( no pun intended !) from El Salvador Phone Number List one product to another. This also works with images of something ‘dirty’. For example, you can order plastic sandwich bags with mold printed on them. Even though people know it’s not real, they’re more likely not to take your bread.

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Now this problem is of a lesser nature due to the many working El Salvador Phone Number List from home, but we can use the insight to our advantage. Although I must add that this is a radical application. Making an invisible virus visible is a challenge. But what you can do with the Cootie effect is to make the surface on which the potential virus resides emotionally dirty. This image illustrates El Salvador Phone Number List this effect nicely. Virus depicted on doorknob. Image source: Roger Dooley You’ll think faster now to touch these doorknobs. And if you have to do it anyway, you want to get the ‘dirty’ off your hands as quickly as possible: by washing them.

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If stores fail to clean all shopping carts after each use, one sample El Salvador Phone Number List shopping cart with these stickers could be particularly effective in raising awareness of the potential risk. The idea for this article came from Marc Nelissen of Mixpress, for hardware stores such as Gamma and Hornbach. But of course they apply everywhere. The coronavirus has developed in a short El Salvador Phone Number List time from a worrying virus far away in China, to a pandemic. Because of this (much earlier than planned) I returned from a trip through Colombia. Measures are being taken all over the world and it is vital that they all follow closely. How can we ensure that people automatically follow the new measures even faster and better?

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