Inform them not only about the decision, but also about the Uganda Phone Number List communication and the approach for cancellation or postponement. Now allocate tasks if this is relevant and possible. This relieves you! We were a bit mixed up. This is mainly because a number of speakers come from far away (outside the Netherlands). I got them involved before we made the final Uganda Phone Number List decision. Their participation also involves the greatest costs for us. The sooner they can rebook airline tickets and hotel reservations, the better. 10. Informing speakers and guests The moment you’ve made the decision to postpone and are working on a new date, you want to coordinate this date not only internally before you start communicating it, but possibly also with the most important speakers and guests.

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Therefore please contact them in good time . In any case, it is neat and smart to inform them of your considerations and plans in good time. You’ve probably done that Uganda Phone Number List before. Especially if you value their opinion about it. 11. Inform partners If you work with partners, communicating your decision can be a bit more complicated. This depends on money and Uganda Phone Number List interests. The greater the (alleged) loss, the more carefully you have to go through this. That is why I advised you to discuss your concerns and doubts with them well in advance so that they can give you an idea of ​​what it means to them. It may be helpful or even necessary to make the cancellation or postponement decision with them.

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The more involvement and support, the better . So carefully Uganda Phone Number List determine how much you can decide on your own. 12. Inform participants Whether participants participate for free or have paid, you need to communicate carefully. If the entire event is canceled and they get their money back, you have to describe that well. After all, canceling can be interpreted as a Uganda Phone Number List sign of weakness. Especially if the cause is not a natural disaster or epidemic. It inconveniences everyone. Sometimes being honest isn’t a bad thing. It can also be disarming. This will be different for everyone. From the basic text you compose the text for the participants.

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