That’s a big change. We are used to financial transactions going Kenya Email List a bank and a bank account. This also applies to new initiatives in the digital world such as iDeal, PayPal or Tikkie. Gradually, the smartphone takes over the function of our wallet and no bank is needed for transactions. And on that Kenya Email List you can even have different wallets, or wallets , one for each currency, or perhaps one per webshop. How useful will that be? Money on mobile and in wallet. Cash disappears The only question is: when? Cash payment at a Kenya Email List register is already declining sharply and the corona crisis has strongly stimulated the use of debit card payments.

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Cash is getting expensive. Not only the making of Kenya Email List , but also the entire handling thereof. Filling ATMs and depositing by retailers in particular requires a lot of extra actions and the costs of this are increasing. ATMs are slowly disappearing from the streets. And with online services, cash plays Kenya Email List role at all. Tangible money becomes a number on a screen. What does that do to the sense of value? There is still a group of about 3 million citizens in our country who, for various reasons, find it difficult to live without cash. It is Kenya Email List group that will determine when the final farewell to cash will be taken.

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So at some point all payments will go digital, but with Kenya Email List currency and through which accounts? That will take some getting used to. Especially if banks are going to withdraw from the payment system. No more banks needed So a future without banks? It is true, the role of banks in financial Kenya Email List is changing rapidly in the digital world. On the one hand, this is because the banks earn too little from transactions by consumers and they want to get rid of that. The result is, among other things, that bank branches disappear, as well Kenya Email List the number of ATMs, but also because of the promotion of debit card payments. On the other hand, there are now parties that have

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