Two months have passed since the release of the new Microsoft Xbox Series X. During this time, two and two other games are transmitted, you can talk about the first impression that arose from the operation and “jambs”, which is a network complaint. At first, a little personal experience, and then the usual complaints that I personally faced.

Before you start, be aware that there are a lot of problems with starting this generation. On Reddit, do not find popular topics that are related to “iron” errors. At least for those two months from the time of release. No problem, of course it doesn’t happen.


A good feeling


Added a nice touch. The prefix is ​​stable, in a load without sound from its function. The hot air blows only from the cells. The fan works silently.

Interior architecture and interior design in Italy Phone Number particular create wonders. The best print impression is fast. The console from the State to the main menu starts in ten seconds, experiencing the icon of the last running game, and already in 5-7 seconds that will play. At least with cyberpunk 2077, the control, the attachment of a story. With Valhalla Creed Valhalla this trick does not always work, because the game to start from time to time was asked to connect to the Internet.

 Best games in the December


Italy Phone Number


Quick resume – switch between multiple games. I use this time often, because I prefer to go through the game regularly without messing with other plots. By experience, this function does not always work well. Some games, like Ac Valhalla, do not want to release.

Under a good impression, remember the existence of the browser and all applications. Twitch, for example, the function turned out to be the best program installed on the Smart TV from LG. Like a browser. With it, you can safely search and watch movies. Out of the blue – there is a third customer on the telegram. Back off it’s not very convenient, but read the news on TV.


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