With equal consumption in all areas of the country and with consumption linked to family. Free time and friends. However it was not always so. This is how beer brands were born in Spain Spain has actually been a country with a wine-growing tradition. As is List of the mobile phone numbers in southern Europe. The popular drink was wine. That didn’t mean that beer didn’t exist. But it didn’t do it like it does now. For a long time. In fact. Beer was an elitist product that only certain elites had access to. It was expensive and it was something that only they were more or less used to. As Xavier García Barber explains in Beer in Spain: Origins and Establishment of the Brewing Industry . Beer was already drunk at court in the Spain of the Habsburgs. The kings brought their master brewers from Europe.

In the 18th century. However. Beer in Madrid operated in tobacconists. Only a few specific producers had the power to make beer and sell it. Although they had to do it at a fixed price. At the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th. However. The first List of the mobile phone numbers of the modern beer market in Spain took place. Santander’s brewing industry appeared. Very powerful and intended for export to America. That industry would end up running out of steam after the independence movements in America and after the effects of the Napoleonic wars. But his work served to break the tobacconist in Madrid and open the market to anyone who made beer. The fight for the market and having to maintain certain standards had started. During the 19th century.

In the 1920s List of the Mobile Phone Numbers

The great professionalization of the sector began. Throughout. Different manufacturers appeared. Brewers who came from France or Germany to make beer or soda factories that expanded their portfolio with that product (beer was a soft drink). Later. The List of the mobile phone numbers of fermented beer was imported and many of the companies we know today began to open. Barcelona and Madrid registered the openings of the most important breweries. But the opening and the beer market began to be general. Beer brands also used advertising claims. They registered their brands. Created brand identities and put their own taps in the spaces where beer was served. In fact.


The so-called breweries began to appear around that time. As different spaces. What is also interesting is that there was a change in urban spaces. Which became beer consumers. If until then beer was aimed at consumers with high purchasing power. Beer consumption was jumping from one class to another. “Currently the same is consumed by the rich as List of the mobile phone numbers the poor and even in the wine shops it is spread by the glass to the menestral people”. Pointed out a chronicler in the Spain of 1848. As the historian collects in his essay . Mahou. Damn. Moritz. Estrella Galicia or Cruzcampo already existed in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century with different degrees of popularity. These beers and others ended up dividing the market by zones. Something that was not accidental.

Close Love Marks List of the Mobile Phone Numbers

In 1922. The Association of Beer Manufacturers was founded. Which would come to close “cartelized agreements”. Explains García Barber. To reduce competition. This. We could conclude. Was what ended up making a beer feel like it was from one place List of the mobile phone numbers another. Beer manufacturers not only used their brand attributes to make themselves known. They also had a point in favor during those dates to become more popular. In the closed menus of restaurants. Diners began to be able to choose between wine and “two bocks of beer” (the bock was the cane). Manufacturers also lobbied for marketing regulation. Which made it clear what was and was not beer and limited the sale of poor quality beers.

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