Commitment to a relationship: All major vendors work with multinational. In other words, a large vendor would most likely. Focus on serving large clients with large business volumes rather than serving small clients. Small companies should choose a vendor who values the relationship and. Hence has a stake in the success of the engagement.

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Track record and experience: Companies should look at the vendor’s track record and experience in working with small companies. Vendors are comfortable working with large companies may not understand the nuances of working with Hospitals Email List smaller companies. Small companies may not have proper documentation or hardware/software infrastructure for testing, version control etc. A vendor with a track record of dealing with small companies should be in a position to expect such situations.

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Risk Management: SMBs should seriously evaluate risk management processes adopted by the vendor. The recent trend among offshore software services vendors is the adoption of a business continuity plan (BCP). Vendors with a clear BCP stand a better chance of providing uninterrupted services in the face of contingencies.

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