The added value of craftsmanship is clearer and more visible Cabo Verde Email List ever, precisely because of the increased accessibility of video. I would like to tell you more about the 5 developments of the past five years that have shaped online video, and why expertise in the profession is more important than ever. New on Cabo Verde Email List How to write juicy content on a boring topic [13 tips] 08:00 Your customer says goodbye? Always end on a positive note! wed The top 10 podcast trends for 2022 wed Government: this is how you regain the trust of citizens [4 social tips] di 10x Popular: Great 404 Pages, Social Content Formats & Canva Tips di With a smartphone in their pocket, everyone is potentially the video producer of a global mega production.

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If you are in the right place at the right time, you can shoot Cabo Verde Email List with your iPhone that can be viewed millions of times on social media. With viewing figures that program makers would be jealous of ten years ago. 1. Do you have a Zoom link for me? If there’s one Cabo Verde Email List we don’t need more of, it’s Zoom calls , Teams meetings, Skype moments and related matters. In May 2020 National Geographic already wrote about ‘ Zoom fatigue’ and almost a year later the meeting culture is – unfortunately – still digital. What not many people realize, however, is that every Zoom interaction is also a video experience for participants of that call. Do you want your content to stand out?


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Don’t want your receiver to get Zoom-tired from Cabo Verde Email List video? Simple: don’t make your call look like a Zoom video! Step away from the screen, stay away from office backgrounds, and vary your visuals where you can. We video calling enough, it’s time for a different kind of online video. Tip : Cabo Verde Email List the image dynamic. Even if you have one set, one camera angle, you can often reserve a corner in your image for dynamic content. Think of an image, a graph or video in your video. That’s how you keep the attention! 2. Mini content for a minute Shorter… Basket ! Connoisseurs often explain the rise of video (and the demise of books) by the reduced attention span of recipients. If ten years ago it was shorter than ‘before’, it is now minuscule. Many viewers like to consume their video content in snack bites

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