The crisis has not paused its decline and its final day is getting closer. The closure of the advertising paradigm shift And. Finally. 2020 has List of us mobile phone numbers been the final change in the advertising paradigm. The coronavirus crisis has accelerated a trend that came before. The great winners of the year in advertising investment have been Amazon. Google and Facebook and in markets such as the United States . Half of all advertising investment has already gone to the digital channel.

2022 The most common mistake in a b2b digital marketing project (and 6 successes that cannot be missed) Tags digital marketing b2b marketing industrial marketing commercial strategies read later favorites 0 Urko De la Torre Alberdi Executive MBA from List of us mobile phone numbers ESIC. Senior specialist in the implementation of commercial-digital projects in industrial and B2B sectors. Extensive experience in digital internationalization. Collaborating professor in Masters and Degrees. Follow Author Bill Gates already said: “In the 21st century there will be two types of business: those that are on the Internet and those that no longer exist”.

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The events of 2020 have highlighted the need for any company to be online ; even those operating in industrial and B2B fields; but. It is worth asking: do you have to be in any way?. Is it worth everything to be? More and more industrial or B2B companies List of us mobile phone numbers are deciding to have a presence on the Internet . Either with a corporate website. Profiles on social networks. Or experimenting with online advertising. The commercial digitization of these sectors. Less mature at the digital level than the B2C ones. Is good news a priori: it contributes to their adaptation to the new times.


Modernizes their processes and opens the door to almost infinite commercial possibilities. However. There is also a downside: the actions they take rarely follow a plan. In fact. Most companies do not get to design a digital strategy ; and those that do tend to List of us mobile phone numbers forget to include their sales teams in it. Consequently. The results of these digital projects are usually more linked to the visibility of the brand than to the achievement of new business opportunities. Under these conditions it seems difficult to measure the return on investment and. Therefore. This investment acquires the character of spending. So you don’t have to be on the Internet? Yes. But with a strategic nature.

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Operational Marketing VS Strategic Marketing It is very common for digital marketing projects developed in B2B ecosystems to simply consist of activating random tools . Without a clear objective: Let’s do SEO. Let’s get followers for our social networks. So that? List of us mobile phone numbers We’ll find out on the way… That is precisely the problem: putting the cart before the horse; or. Put another way. Putting operational marketing before strategic marketing . If the project is not supported by a previous strategy. How will we determine which tools should be activated? Will we even know if we have a market on the Internet if. Before starting the project. We don’t analyze the digital environment? If we go blind.

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