Stop thinking you have to do what your friends or magazines tell you to do. When I wanted to lose weight and gain energy, I knew I needed to do more cardio. So I try to run. I tried the elliptical bike at the gym. None of them are very interesting. I really don’t like them. I didn’t really get into the cardio habit until I started using bodyweight cycling in early 2009. I like them because they are fast and dense and I can use them anywhere as long as there is a floor. This combination really helped me stick to the plan.

Stop striving for perfection and go for improvement.

So do the experiment. Find a solution that works for you and your liking, one that you can use and benefit from for the long haul. 3. Don’t be fooled by the comfort of your mind and old habits. The brain doesn’t like it when you step out of your Australia Business Fax List comfort zone to change your habits. you feel uncomfortable. You may feel some kind of pain. Your body is signaling to you that something hasn’t been like it for a long time. Your body is telling you that what you are doing is not “safe” and familiar.

Don’t be fooled by the comfort of your mind and old habits.

It’s easy to miss out on old familiarity and fall back into your old behavior. So what would you do? You have to realize that this is how changing habits usually works. Your mind will provide resistance. Because it likes familiar things. Because you may be getting some benefits from your old habits. But you have to accept that you are giving up these benefits for the better benefits of the new habit. So when you want to go back to the old ways, remind yourself that your brain tricks you and remind.

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