hat’s the difference between ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retail? Norway WhatsApp Number List. With brick-and-mortar stores, it’s possible to make sales without doing any marketing yourself. It’s hard, and you’ll make way less than if you did have a marketing strategy, but people driving by your shop might stop in if it piques their interest. With ecommerce marketing, there’s no random popping in—you’ve got to drive customers there yourself! Guide to ecommerce marketing Illustration by OrangeCrush No one’s going to pass by your online store by accident. There’s no sidewalk where you can plop a fold-up chalkboard with a cheeky slogan that entices people through the door.

Hat’s the Difference Between Ecommerce and Brick

You need to proactively tell people your shop exists and show them what you’re offering, and the best way to do that is ecommerce marketing using sales funnels, Norway WhatsApp Number List an interconnected series of marketing campaigns that each nudge shoppers a step closer to a purchase. Trust us, becoming a pro at ecommerce marketing and setting up effective sales funnels isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You’ve encountered them loads of times before and, once you understand the components that make up the funnel (and by extension the larger ecommerce marketing strategy), you’ll be able to emulate them perfectly for your own brand. The ecommerce marketing funnel explained

You Need to Proactively Tell People Your Shop Exists and Show

Norway WhatsApp Number List
Norway WhatsApp Number List

— You’re probably familiar with the term “sales funnel,” but can you thoroughly explain how it works? If you can’t, that’s okay; we’re going to break it down for you right now. Norway WhatsApp Number List. The easiest way to understand the sales funnel is to use the AIDA model: Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action. flat design infographic showing the stages of a sales funnel Before every sale (action), there must be awareness, interest and a decision. Via Entrepreneur Imagine all the people out there on the internet, whether they’re people who connect with your brand or not. Billions of people around the world use the internet every day, but not all of them—in fact, not even most of them—are the same people your brand is targeting. A funnel is how .

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