The chance that someone will also say yes to your follow-up offer after a yes to your book is real, and in any case a lot higher than a yes to an advertisement with your most expensive product or service. But why on earth would you have a book printed? Wouldn’t it be better to use a free e-book ? The short answer is no. The market is completely saturated with free e-books. You have certainly experienced that the quality of a free e-book is not always high. Sometimes there is a big pill on the images on social media and then in reality it turns out to be a crappy PDF of 6 A4 pages with information that makes you think: ‘My grandmother remembers this’. The tendency to give us an email address in exchange for a free e-book is therefore diminishing.

Have your book printed
There is just something magical about Benin Phone Number a book, regardless of the price. Something in print is true, and someone who has a book to his name is considered an expert. You don’t just throw a book with the old paper. It’s valuable.

Reading printed book

Make sure you are always honest about the price. Free should really be free. You may only use the word free or free of charge if you only charge the ‘unavoidable costs’ for collecting or sending the book.

Now that you know how you can earn money with your book, I wonder if you will start writing your book immediately after reading this article? I’ve also dreamed of my own book, but I’m a bit disappointed with all that is involved when I read ‘Het Bestsellerboek’ by Meindersma and De Wit like this. I believe that in the Netherlands we should see the business book primarily as a smart marketing tool. That’s fine, but then I’d rather write articles on Frank watching.

Benin Phone Numbers

The Bestseller’s Book

What did not disappoint me is ‘Het Bestsellerboek’. I have to admit that I started reading with some skepticism. How much can you say about writing a bestseller? Quite a lot, it turns out. It is an accessible book with a lot of valuable information about everything that is involved in writing a book. A must if you are considering writing a book yourself, but between the lines there are also marketing tips that are useful for every entrepreneur. So don’t be put off by the title.

Internal communication has changed a lot in recent years. From emails to social media and from intranets to Teams. Communication in 2022 is largely online. Chatbots and artificial intelligence are playing an increasingly important role in this. For a long time, chatbots were seen as a customer service tool to improve the user experience. But did you know that a chatbot can also be used for internal communication? We are happy to explain how you use a chatbot as a digital colleague in this article.

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