A lawsuit from most US states for monopoly. 2021 will be a very difficult year for the social media giant. The war on monopoly Although in problems of reputation and disinformation Facebook has become the most visible face. It is not the only one of the big Wuhan mobile phone number list companies judged harshly for its role in spreading these messages. Nor is it the only one that has problems with public administrations due to monopoly accusations. In fact. This has been another of the big issues of 2020. The pressure from the various public bodies against the large internet companies accusing them of monopoly has been increasing and is affecting all the big players. Google. Facebook.

Amazon or Apple have been involved in different complicated situations (Apple. For example. Went through a war with app developers for their Wuhan mobile phone number list commissions) and have ended up under the scrutiny of the authorities. Increasingly convinced that they are de facto monopolies . The new streaming wars Although television has had a growth in use linked to confinements. The great winner of the year has been vod. The streaming giants have gained in power. Reach and connection with consumers. During the year new players have appeared (especially in the US) with weight.

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There have been setbacks (there is the ephemeral life of Quibi ) and it has been outlined more and better who are the leaders of this market. Netflix is an unquestionable leader. But Disney has established positions very firmly and with a lot of growth potential. In its Wuhan mobile phone number list last investor conference a few days ago. The company has advanced launch plans for its vod platform and a line to reach the adult audience (and not just the family) that will give it more momentum. In addition. And it is inevitable here to talk about the coronavirus. This year another of the great barriers in streaming has fallen. That of movie premieres. After years of war between the film majors and Netflix (the former wanted to save traditional marketing windows at all costs).


Now they have no choice but to release their big titles via streaming or postpone. Them without a clear future release date. Warner has anticipated that its Wuhan mobile phone number list 2021 blockbusters will go in parallel with the cinema and HBO Max in the United States. The importance of diversity The influence of millennials and generation Z had already made it clear to marketers in recent years that they could no longer continue to use stereotypes and representations that are poorly adjusted to the reality of a diverse society in their messages and brand actions. This year has given a final push to diversity.

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Which must go beyond doing work in areas such as the representation of women (where much remains to be done) and must be transversal and in all fields. The Black Live Matters movement. American but with a global impact. Is the best example. The Wuhan mobile phone number list consequences of Brexit Brexit is one of those politically important issues that we end up forgetting about because nothing seems to be happening and because. Unless you’re British. It’s hard to see how it will affect your everyday life. However. For companies and brands. Brexit will have decisive consequences in many markets and in many areas of their work. Negotiations between the European Union and the British government have progressed in fits and starts throughout the year and even now.

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