Especially for people who are able to do so – is over. 4. Working Belarus Phone Number List from home as a purpose After all the discussion about CO2 and nitrogen emissions and the apparently insoluble traffic jam problem, the current corona crisis means that the ANWB has to look for a Belarus Phone Number List parade of vehicles with a magnifying glass. They simply no longer stand still on the highway. After 40 years of discussion about ‘teleworking’ and ‘working from home’, we learn in two weeks how to deal with Skype, Teams, Zoom and Hangouts. According to Statistics Netherlands , 14% of the Dutch population has worked from home on a structural basis in recent years.

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Now it is suddenly 80% . We can do it! And although it may be Belarus Phone Number List a bit awkward the first (few) times, it quickly becomes easy to handle things via camera, headset and screen. Purpose: Due to the reduced traffic and emissions, the air above (our) country became a lot cleaner. Due to the reduced traffic and emissions, the air above (our) country Belarus Phone Number List became a lot cleaner.  It may also make sense in terms of timing. When the first initiatives around ‘teleworking’ were taken, the web was not yet born. Even later, when we were able to get started with modems and ISDN lines at home, the internet and the interfaces were still in the ‘little bit’ stage.

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In that regard, the prediction of the gurus of those days Belarus Phone Number List that ‘bandwidth will be the oxygen of the 21st century’ has fortunately come true. We see the positive result in the images of the KNMI : a much cleaner air over land, so that you can actually get a Belarus Phone Number List breath of fresh air. Good reason to encourage companies and employees to work more remotely. Then the environmental objective from the purpose statement will automatically come closer. 5. DO more sustainably The corona crisis calls for reflection in both production and consumption. More and more people and companies are becoming aware of the impact of globalization of production.

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