Here is another tip and habit that has helped me. All you do is tell yourself: take care of today. Just focus on that. Forget all tomorrows for now. Narrow your focus to just today. Tomorrow will come in time and then you can take care of it. 16. Are there setbacks? Then be your own best friend. Don’t let temporary setbacks drag you into defeatism and negative thoughts. Instead, even if you’re not feeling well right now, ask yourself how to continue on a healthier path:

Take a break.

How would my best friend or parent be supportive and helpful in this situation? Then act like he or she does and talk to yourself. 17. Listen to yourself. If you find it more troublesome than usual to stay calm and tense in several situations, and you’re really frustrated and drained, listen to yourself. Take a step back before you hit a brick wall and do or say Paraguay WhatsApp Number List something you wouldn’t normally do. Schedule more time to take care of yourself. Spend an evening or several in bed watching your favorite TV show or movie. Go on a weekend trip and focus on relaxing and doing what you think is fun or fulfilling. Spend more time in nature for a few days or a week.

Yes, sometimes you just need to take a break.

Home article write a blog 17 things to do when you’re losing motivation 17 things to do when you’re losing motivation Published: 2018-11-14 “One day, I was thinking, and I realized that if I always had someone behind me who motivated me, I could make a big difference. No one came through that way, so I just became that person for myself. ” Unknown It’s not always easy to stay motivated until you reach your goals and dreams. There are often roadblocks, plateaus, and valleys along the way, and you can get stuck in lows.

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