You may be thinking, well he would say that, but you’d be wrong. Whilst there is so much technology at the fingertips of the technology vendors it does not always mean that they will use it to run their own businesses. We have all attended a demo of one system or another only to find out that something doesn’t work or that the salesman doesn’t know the answer.

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That in itself is not a problem but the number of vendors who don’t use technology to run their own businesses is staggering, which explains why they simply sell a commodity for a profit. Where is the financial driver to get a technology Lawyer Email salesperson to understand business process? If they knew enough about running a business, they’d be out there doing it for themselves!

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Mismatch of Expectations You need the technology, yet the salesperson needs the sale, what a dilemma! Will you be sold the right equipment? Will you trust their judgment? The behavioural traits between business and sales companies is based upon a lack of trust between both parties. The onus is placed on the Managing Director to decide on the best strategy for company.

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