Column – “The Netherlands is a digibetocracy!” Does Arjen Lubach have a point here? He explained this qualification in his program Zondag met Lubach: “We are controlled by people who don’t Bermuda Email Lists computers and digital security.” I can agree with that. Although I think the situation is even less rosy than he suggests. Tech companies, in fact data companies, have now firmly established themselves in the human needs for communication and entertainment. That is why they are now turning to finance, especially payment services.

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Next up is mobility, an area that yields a lot of attractive data about Bermuda Email Lists and their mobility needs. After that, we don’t have to wait long for the status of our health to be next. The data about our health makes us even more dependent on the data companies. Who will Bermuda Email Lists our lives in the future? Do we still have enough influence ourselves or will it be the data companies that seize power? Or, is there still a chance of a properly functioning government that understands what digitization is and what influence Bermuda Email Lists has? And who can regulate and protect us?

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Why a Digibetocracy? There are many developments Bermuda Email Lists are a direct or indirect consequence of digitization. These developments can take place due to a lack of understanding and knowledge of this matter. Due to a lack of knowledge and affinity there is no question of a Bermuda Email Lists policy, this is becoming more tangible every day. Think of these things, among other things. Digitization & corona crisis The corona crisis alone has made the lack of understanding for digitization painfully clear. An incoherent Bermuda Email Lists of online initiatives, such as: corona app, corona dashboard, corona information site, a separate website for appointments, and the like

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