When I get better, I fill my cupboards and fridge with vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy stuff. I don’t have candy or cookies at home. Because I know I will inevitably eat them. I replaced a snacking habit with a healthier snack instead of stopping it altogether. 6. Stop it with vague habits. When you create a replacement for your old habit or just a new one, don’t make it a vague habit.

How to stay positive: 11 smart habits

Don’t just tell yourself you’ll get more exercise. Or read a little more. This often leads to procrastination, trying to get out of a new habit or taking shortcuts. Make it concrete by creating a small plan. This will make it easier for you to know when you’re Germany Business Fax List done with the habit today and increase the likelihood of sticking with the routine until your new behavior becomes a natural one. Tell yourself that you will go out for a 10-minute run three times a week. Or you’ll read for 15 minutes each night before going to bed.

We don’t see things as they are

7. Stop the hype. Taking the first step and getting started can feel very difficult. It can be intimidating to think about how much work, and sometimes courage, you might have to put in. If so, let go of the thoughts that are causing these problems. And only focus on taking small steps. Just read 5 minutes of your new book tonight. Or go out for a 3-minute run this afternoon. Just think about that and only take action on such a small step. Then tomorrow you can find a new little step to take.

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