Marcel Proust Want more power? Then check out the 101 Wednesday Quotes to help you stay motivated for the rest of the week [ Note: The original version of this article contained 68 citations, but I have now updated with 57 additional citations on relationships. ] “First we make habits, then habits shape us.” Charles C. Noble “Motivation is what drives you to start. Habits are what drives you forward.

Stop the hype.

Jim Rohn Changing one habit in your life can have a huge positive impact. But this is often not an easy task. When you make the most common mistakes, it becomes harder to make changes that actually stick. I know mistakes that many people make, and I UK Business Fax List have made many times myself. So today I want to share 7 things you need to stop doing to make it easier to change a habit and make it stick for a long time. 1. Don’t assume it’s going to be easy every time.

Stop it with vague habits.

A common saying is that you should do something for 21 days and then it becomes a new habit. For me, sometimes it takes longer. It gets even more confusing. For example, when I try to get into the habit of exercising every week, I think I fail about four times before I really stick with it. Now, I easily pick up some habits within a week or a few weeks. But sometimes allowing 40 or 60 days to develop your new habit – with a few slumps or temporary failures in between – isn’t unrealistic to me until it sticks.

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