Branded background during your video call Do you really Pakistan Phone Number List want to leave a professional impression during your video call. Presentation, webinar or online event? Then use a ‘branded’ background. We have probably all seen that there are Pakistan Phone Number List interlocutors who ‘blur’ their background in the call or have put a funny image in it. This can be done virtually in a number of tools, including Zoom . But have you ever considered that you can also make these types of digital backgrounds ‘on brand’? At our company VIM Group, for example, we have prepared a set of digital backgrounds with our logo on it.

Internal Online Groups

Backgrounds in our corporate colors, but also images of a tropical Pakistan Phone Number List beach. A busy city or a jungle with our logo are popular and are often used by employees. A very simple way to easily burn your workplace! If you use a tool where online backgrounds are not possible. A physical banner is also an option. This is especially a good option for webinars and online events! It Pakistan Phone Number List is of course important to tailor your banners specifically for video calls. Since only part of the banner will be on screen. on fire video calling background With an ‘on brand’ background you can easily ensure a ‘clean workspace’ and shielding of your personal environment. At the same time, you optimally transfer the experience of your brand to your home workplace.

Or Communities

Pakistan Phone Number List

In addition to the professional impression you leave, make sure Pakistan Phone Number List you minimize distractions and put your brand front and center. Other options are to have the logo printed to hang on the wall, possibly combined with photos that reinforce your brand values. And have you ever thought about reflecting the visual identity in the clothing of employees? You can have special Pakistan Phone Number List clothing developed or use key-cords, badges or other branded accessories. This can be an easier and cheaper solution. Never a dull moment in the cultural sector, and these weeks that applies more than ever. With the measures surrounding the corona virus, the bustling cultural life offline has come to a temporary standstill. And that takes some getting used to. In this sector, ‘we’ are used to running and peaking.

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