And not with long stretches of text. So try to provide context in multiple Singapore Phone Number List posts or create different sections. This way you can refer to previous posts. Some ideas to give more context to your collection or organization: A masterclass in art/theatre history online. There are a lot of online tools that allow you to record videos and/or give a live tour. Start with Singapore Phone Number List the outdoors: how does it feel to enter your museum, theater or institution? Go back to the history of your cultural institution. For what purpose did this actually come about? Is this still coming back? In addition, involve art and theater history to the present. Why is something that has been around for so long still relevant, hilarious or comforting today?

Themes Such As Vitality

International Theater Amsterdam (ITA) has an actor read a Singapore Phone Number List  story from Boccaccio’s Decamerone every day . In the 14th century, this Italian poet described how a group of ten young people fled Florence, where there is a plague. During their stay far outside the city they tell each other stories, as an ode to life. ITA brings this to the present. Engage the great content Singapore Phone Number List of influencers. They are an accessible link between their followers and the potential audience of a cultural institution. Think, for example, of the aforementioned . who share their favorite artists with followers in their own way. And don’t forget to ask questions to your followers. What do they need? What is clear and what is not?

And Safety

Singapore Phone Number List

These ideas may be interesting to investigate now, but don’t forget to Singapore Phone Number List include them in your online communication.By sometimes taking a step back and asking yourself: how do I take online visitors into the digital version of my cultural institution. 6. Future Music. What ‘we’ can open again? Despite the uncertainty, it can’t hurt to think carefully about communication Singapore Phone Number List when the cultural institutions open again. Should this be celebrated? Or will visitors still be hesitant? Take the time to think up a number of scenarios together. For example, give a number of different tours with time slots to your visitors, so that not everyone follows the same route.

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