One of the important things you miss when you start your new Benin Phone Number List job from home is the casual conversations. In the beginning it is often just a matter of scanning and there is no bond with colleagues yet. Logical, Nina thinks. But these situations are still missed. Sanne also indicates that she especially misses the informal conversations in the corridors. In short: they need small Benin Phone Number List talk at the coffee machine. Nick van der Meulen (RSM) conducted research at 113 companies in 2016 into the influence of informal conversations in the workplace and analyzed its importance. He concluded that the talks at the coffee machine ultimately make companies more successful. Because it is precisely at these casual moments that knowledge comes together.

Changing The Attitude

It is an excellent time to exchange tips and ideas. In addition to the Benin Phone Number List social aspect, there is therefore an extra reason to give small talk a place online. Small talk in the workplace Online small talk At the moment you will encounter a bored child, partner or cat at ‘the coffee machine’ at most. What can we do to maintain these informal conversations? A virtual coffee room Benin Phone Number List in Zoom is started at Sanne’s office. A ‘space’ where you can ‘walk in’ all day long and have a casual chat with colleagues. In addition, every day starts with 30 minutes of video calling with the team. Without a fixed agenda. For example, there is room for what people want to share and a great moment for new colleagues to get a taste of the atmosphere and to see the cat out of the tree.

And Behavior

Benin Phone Number ListBenin Phone Number List

But scheduling other ‘non-work-related’ online moments Benin Phone Number List also helps. Small talk often arises at the lunch table or in the corridors. So try to look up these moments online as well. Around the afternoon dip, ‘spontaneously’ ask someone to make a video call under Benin Phone Number List the guise of ‘getting to know everyone’ or suggest playing an online variant of table football during the lunch break. How do you ask all your questions? Typical at the start of a new job are the questions that float in your head all day long. You feel a little hesitant to ask them, so when one co-worker happens to look at you or ask how you’re doing, you grab your moment.

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