Looking back on 2016, the global political situation witnessed a series of unexpected developments in the market. First, the United Kingdom left the European Union and then Trump was elected as the President of the United States, which led to a tense investment atmosphere in the market. After the incident, although the financial market fluctuated, it was fortunately not long; the market is now calm on the surface, but there is still a high degree of uncertainty, which may still cause another wave of market fluctuations.


Against this background

The European Nepal Phone Number corporate. Bond market in 2017 is expect to be relatively stabl.And it is expect to benefit from three major advantages. Strong policy support. investor demand for bond purchases higher  bond supply. and European corporate borrow  conservative. ECB supports policy The European Central Bank (ECB) maintained its determination. To maintain a low interest rate .Environment and continued its quantitative. Easing bond-buying program. While the monthly size of purchases of. Treasuries covered bonds and corporate bonds reduc slightly in April. Bond purchases . Extend by nine months and not end until December 2017 at the earliest.


In addition, in order to solve

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The technical problem that there is no debt to buy, the European Central Bank has begun to buy short-term government bonds, and it also admitted that it does not rule out the possibility of buying negative-yielding bonds. In other words, the European bond market is still support quantitative easing policies in 2017, and the euro zone bond prices are support by the downside,  will help stabilize bond yields. Limited supply of bonds The supply and demand situation in the European bond market also continued to develop positively. The main source of financing for euro zone companies is still bank loans, while US companies mainly issue bonds. Although the issuance of European corporate bonds continues to grow, market demand also rises. The main reason is that bond yields are getting lower and lower, and bond investors are looking for assets with higher yields. Therefore, the purchase of corporate bonds continues to exceed supply, which is conducive to Bond issuers and bond prices. significantly. With the increase in the cost of dollar hedg the demand for euro-denominat bonds is expect to grow further. European corporate bonds are still in the  stages of the credit cycle,   a favorable situation, and defaults are expect to remain low and continue to be lower  the Unit States.

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