Yes, even remotely! Labor market communication Thailand Phone Number List personal contact In short: even today, every step in labor market communication revolves around contact. From standing out with a playful campaign to the very first moment of contact with a recruiter. And from a user-friendly vacancy platform with appealing vacancy texts to the actual application. The corona virus is forcing us to be creative with online work at a rapid pace. Daily work, conference calls, presentations and events take place digitally as much as possible. Get used to it! Because suddenly we literally offer our colleagues, customers and other interlocutors a look ‘into our kitchen’ (or living room or office of course).

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But how do you conduct video conference calls from home Thailand Phone Number List in a way that communicates and supports your brand? A question that most of us will come across at some point. Whether it concerns a meeting with your team, or a consultation with important stakeholders or an online event. First of all, it is important to ask yourself: which factors have a negative effect on the brand I represent and what should I do to make the brand shine even more? In this blog I share tipsThailand Phone Number List  for professional and ‘on-brand’ video calling. video call 1. Provide a professional approach in your video calls For a video call in which your brand is conveyed in the right way, it is first of all important that all basic elements are in order.

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Keep a tight schedule and agenda, minimize noise and distraction Thailand Phone Number List and use professional tools that are suitable for the format of the meeting you are planning. Also test your sound and image and make sure you log in on time. The position and angle of the camera and the lighting are also important. Do not place your camera too close to you and preferably at Thailand Phone Number List eye level. Active attitude gives energy Do you have a height-adjustable desk? Then stand up, an active attitude gives energy to the image and that also indirectly leaves a positive impression on the conversation and on your brand. Your professionalism in your approach to video calls also indirectly reflects well on your brand. Are you not in order?

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