Once I have gone through my existing accounts to see if the merchants are still active and whether they are worth salvaging I’ll start bringing on new ones. By diligently putting stats into IMC and tracking the cost of sales, I’ll be able to keep a tight rein on costs and maximize the profits. Profits are great and I love watching sales come in. What is more important at the beginning is making sure you stop any losses from putting the fire out completely.

Seasonal discounts.

I use Matt Levenhagen’s Campaign Blast Method and IMC was built so that it dovetails nicely into his stop loss method of Affiliate Marketing. It’s a great way to ensure you losses don’t run away with your profits and Internet Marketers Companion Esinc Email is the software that makes it easy to see at a glance the stats of what’s working and what isn’t. Also on the cards is fine tuning the latest updates to

Sales promotion discounts;

IMC and getting that out to the currently users and putting together a database for the demo so that folks can see how the program works without having to input any data. I’m getting excited about working with the Affiliate Marketing business again, it’s something that I love to do and the people I interact with are a class act.

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