It gets even more interesting if you add a comment box, poll, or share button to your story. Take, for example, the comment box below this article. As a reader, you can have a direct conversation with me. Give it a try, I think it’s fun! Do you already feel the social closeness? In order to implement this Venezuela Email List , it can help to draw out the interactive elements. Then you immediately get a clear picture of what this interaction looks like for your readers. Such a drawing can also be useful if you have to work with a web designer or front-end developer. They then know exactly how you see the interactive elements. Also read: How personal can you be in a business text?

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6. Process yourself in your texts For some writers, the use of “I” is still prohibited. Why? Are people not allowed to know that you wrote the text? Okay, it doesn’t always fit. It would be crazy if an editor at the tax authorities would use ‘I’ in an article about the tax return. But often ‘I’ is a nice, personal Venezuela Email List to a text. For example, consider the following two sentences: “Once in the locker room it becomes clear how tall the basketball player really is.” “When I walk into the locker room, I see how tall the basketball player really is.” Which version feels more personal?

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The answer seems clear to me. 7. Use photos of people Your writing style is not the only thing that can make a text personal. The decoration of your text can also provide a personal touch . For example, use photos of people. They make a text more human, warmer and more personal. At least, as Venezuela Email List as you don’t use cliché stock images. Especially when you interview a person or quote more often, it is useful to add a portrait photo of that person to your text. Then your readers immediately have an idea of ​​the person behind the statements. 8. Tell us about yourself

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