In other words, there is something to be said for software. But we also want to champion more tailor-made solutions. Pay attention! By this we do not necessarily mean customization, but tools that are to the needs and expectations of employees. The vision of the organization, and the composition of the Mexico Email List landscape. To make this point clearer, let’s take a closer look at the different concepts and models for the digital work environment. We also discuss the different solutions that you can distinguish for your digital workplace, intranet or portal.

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3 concepts for the digital work environment Christiaan previously wrote about. The three furnishing models or concepts that you can broadly distinguish when it comes to the digital work environment and recently also here on Frank watching . We briefly touch on them below: Every organization Mexico Email List has de facto what you could call the landscape concept. A palette of standalone tools, applications, information sources and channels. Advantage: you can easily and quickly replace applications over time as better alternatives come on the market.

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Disadvantage: there is no logical entrance or front door, so that employees sometimes do not know (any longer) where they can find which information or perform which action. As a result, people may avoid the ‘official’ tools and start using their own solutions (shadow IT). Which in turn ensures Mexico Email List the landscape becomes even more diffuse that duplication of applications. Is that can fulfill the same purpose. One self-service environment in which you can find news, book holidays, reserve a meeting room, order a new telephone, consult customer information, and so on. The universal concept solves the problem of the entrance.

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