Sometimes things go wrong, because a fresh look is missing 2. Tell the story Portugal Phone Number List you are truly proud of 3. Avoid Generic Lessons 4. Focus on one story 5. Connect with your audience 6. Some want emotions, others just the numbers 7. Start with a clear Portugal Phone Number List introduction 8. Only through practice can you stay relaxed in time 9. Create as much online reach as possible 1. Sometimes things go wrong, because a fresh look is missing In recent years I have guided more than a hundred business professionals in developing a five-minute pitch that invites dialogue and collaboration.

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Some parts of a pitch almost always go wrong, because it Portugal Phone Number List makes perfect sense to you. Then you need a fresh look. Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback when you have your story on track. Because it is human nature to have tunnel vision. You wouldn’t be the Portugal Phone Number List first to tell everything in a presentation but leave the essence underexposed, because you take it for granted. 2. Tell the story you are truly proud of Keep it authentic, tell the story you’re really proud of. Once you’ve decided on the topic of your pitch, find out which aspect made YOU so happy.

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You often only notice afterwards that the source of your passion Portugal Phone Number List has not come across. In this case, check for yourself what is still missing. Often it is aspects in the process that you talk about that were very difficult. If it eventually led to a good result, that part of Portugal Phone Number List the story should not be missing. So tell us how you finally found a way to make a difference. Share your personal learning experience and keep it close to yourself. 3. Avoid Generic Lessons In your head you are usually busy with the future. What do you still want to achieve, what plans do you have?

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