So instead of: Break the task down into small, practical steps. Then just focus on the first step you take today. That’s all you need to focus on, nothing else. By taking the first step, you shift your mental state from resistance to “Hey, I’m doing this, cool.” You put yourself in a state of becoming more positive and open, where you may not be keen to take the next step after the first, but at least you are embracing it. This will allow you to proceed to the next step. and the next one after that. until you reach your destination and finish.

When emotions erupt…etc.

2. Talk less and do more. “Actions speak louder than words, but not as often” “There are basically two kinds of people. There are accomplished people, and there are people who claim to be accomplished. The first group is smaller.” Talking is usually easy, but Qatar WhatsApp Number List getting into the habit of being human is much more difficult. Getting into the habit of breaking down tasks into smaller chunks is one of the most effective ways to take more consistent action. Two other habits that work well for me are:

Find out what you really enjoy doing

Start your day with a positive morning routine . A good start often leads to a good day. A bad or indecisive start often leads to a mediocre day. So create your own morning routine that will reliably get you off to a good or good start. My breakfast consists of a hearty breakfast that provides positive messages when I eat my first meal and starts my most important tasks of the day as soon as I start work. Block out distractions. Before you take a small step forward.

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