Home article write a blog 5 things you need to stop doing to simplify your thinking and start taking action now 5 things you need to stop doing to simplify your thinking and start taking action now Published: 2014-09-25 “Chi Wenzi always thinks twice before acting. Twice is enough.” Confucius One of my biggest problems ever was that I thought too much. I overthink any small problem until it becomes something bigger and scarier in my mind. I overthink positive things until they don’t seem so positive anymore.

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I overanalyze and deconstruct things until just staying for a moment and enjoying the bliss it brings falls apart. This throws me into analysis paralysis. No action was taken. Opportunities are rarely exploited. Life stagnated and felt limited. And my self-esteem plummeted. Based on the emails I’ve received, I’m not alone. One of the most common Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List questions I get is how not to overthink things. So, in today’s article, I want to share 5 things you need to stop doing to get out of your own way, simplify your thinking habits, and make it easier for you to actually start taking action on what you want.

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1. Stop scheduling your day for stress and cluttered thinking. Crazy and overwhelming days cannot be completely avoided. If you want to live a full life, at least not. But if you have bad habits about how to plan and live a normal day, it can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress, pain, and overthinking. How to do: Get a head start. I’ve mentioned it about a thousand times so far, but you usually set the tone for the day when you start the day. Start your day with some simple habits, like a hearty breakfast and maybe some exercise, and start the most important tasks of the day.

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