Has the year of the coronavirus burned marketers and creatives even more? Four out of 10 marketers admit that their mental health has worsened Tags burned marketing creatives advertising read later favorites 0 ads royalcomunicacion.com Royal Communication Changsha mobile phone number list Marketing and Communication Agency. 15 years innovating for brands If there is one question that seems little questionable about the day to day of marketing and advertising professionals. It is that they are quite burned out. In general. With their jobs. Statistical data and studies of perception and feeling about work have been making it clear in recent years. In marketing and advertising. This is where the greatest turnover of personnel occurs.

Something that becomes very clear when you look at their managers. Cmos are. In fact. The members of the C-suite that companies give the least amount of time to prove their worth and target results. Senior marketing managers are changing so fast that they Changsha mobile phone number list don’t really have time to prove that their marketing and merchandising strategy is working. There are also talent retention issues at lower levels. Many marketers and advertisers end up throwing in the towel and looking for work in other areas. According to a study from a few years ago. This occurred because the industry did not meet the expectations that the workers had (and that the industry itself had generated).

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Because the salaries were too low and the opportunities for growth scarce. And because the work was highly frustrating. Despite all that could be expected from a position in such a creative industry. Day-to-day life was boring and marketers ended up in a Changsha mobile phone number list loop of meetings with bosses who (or so their employees seemed to think) weren’t up to the task. . The entrenched problems in the happiness of workers in marketing. Advertising and other creative positions have not been corrected in recent years. The coronavirus crisis could have been just one more element to make workers unhappy. Although remote work has been received positively and marketers do not want to return to the traditional office .


At least not completely. This is not a perfect solution either. Working from home eliminates the collaborative potential and joint creativity that teamwork generates. And. Although it has eliminated face-to-face and unproductive meetings. It has opened the door to meetings via videoconferencing tool. Not only that: the crisis has had a direct effect on mental health. It is Changsha mobile phone number list something that has happened in a general and transversal way and that. Of course. Does not only affect marketing and advertising workers. Experts are already warning that the coronavirus health crisis will give way to a mental health crisis. As the pandemic has pushed the population to the limit and has magnified other problems.

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For marketers and creatives. Who were already burned out of their jobs before the crisis. This could have become something of a coup de grâce. The effects of the crisis The latest study on the issue. Also focused on the marketing and advertising industry. Makes Changsha mobile phone number list it clear that marketers and creatives feel that the pandemic has had a negative effect on their emotional well-being. According to data from the study. Prepared by IAB Southeast Asia and India but. Since this is a parallel situation around the world. It can also be used to understand what is happening here.

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