Dell is a technology company that has been dedicated to creating. Different types of solutions for a diversified audience for years. Find out how the company was able to boost Understand How Dell conversions and. Generate better leads by investing in landing pages and interactive content. Edgar Higuera June 6, 20 | 7 min read dell case study for 30 years dell has. Been helping countries, communities consumers and people. Everywhere use technology to make their dreams come true. Customers trust dell to provide technology solutions that help them. Achieve and achieve more whether at home work, school or anywhere in between.


In Recent Years the Company Understand How Dell

Has been able to improve its results in terms of conversion and lead generation with interactive content strategies , with a focus on landing pages. In this article Iceland Phone Number you will see a success story that shows how that process was and what the benefits were. Continue reading! Dell Dell has a variety of B2B (Business to Business) solutions for companies of all sizes. The products and solutions vary for each of them. They can range from empowering a small business with new Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions for employees to advising a global corporation on protecting its public and private networks.


The Challenge Generating Qualified

Iceland Phone Number

Leads Dell’s Digital Marketing team needed a better way to create and globalize custom landing pages for online lead generation. Before I started working with ion interactive , each new landing page was a multi-faceted project requiring multiple transfers. Dell first created an IT roadmap, then worked with a design team, provided the blueprints, coded the page, and finally transcribed or translated individual pages for each language or region included in the campaign.

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