Companies that ‘exploit’ every crisis to see where they can further Bahamas Phone Number List cut their workforce, put pressure on suppliers or where they can invest to make a significant financial impact after the blow. Never Wasted a Good Crisis – Winston Churchill These Bahamas Phone Number List companies or ‘daring’ investors are now immediately nailed. Just look at the reactions to the memo from billionaire John de Mol, who threatened his staff with very strict measures. Or to the bad publicity for store chain Action, which decided to start paying suppliers for another 30 days . Purpose: Retail chain action under fire for extending payment term to suppliers Journalist Sander Schimmelpenninck knows what to do with it .

It Can Be Different

Even the copycats of RUMAG were forced to their knees by Bahamas Phone Number List Arjan Lubach. The way these companies do business is clearly undesirable. Now that you spend the days (more than usual) consuming media, you realize that things have to change. And may! In that sense, everyone Bahamas Phone Number List can also ensure that this crisis is not ‘wasted’. Think about why you do things the way you do them. And why you buy from companies you do business with. Making the right choices also helps you towards your own purpose. Also read: Purpose to the people! Make an impact with your statement.

Later On

Bahamas Phone Number List

Purpose-full connected? Do you also know the feeling that you are Bahamas Phone Number List in a meeting and ask yourself. What is this about? Why am I here? Perhaps other people in that meeting have as well. You could almost ask: does this meeting have a purpose? What is the (higher) goal? You will (probably) notice that during the corona crisis you now have fewer meetings and therefore a Bahamas Phone Number List less full agenda. Only the necessary discussions still take place via tele- and video calls . They also last considerably shorter than the hours sometimes scheduled for meetings. Regardless of the travel time you save. The rest of the time you can continue working on the things that need to be done.

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