In addition, for the landscape of different digital systems for different purposes. One entrance or portal function is desirable, for example for less frequent tasks . But also think of Netherlands Email List in multiple applications and systems at the same time ( enterprise search ), the reference or CMS function that intranets have traditionally had and that must nevertheless keep a place, and the place for formal Netherlands Email List (top-down) communication. , which Christiaan wrote about earlier .

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No one-size-fits-all We believe that not all organizations Netherlands Email List from one (standard) solution for the digital work environment. That some organizations want (or need) more control over the user experience (UX) of their intranet or portal. For example, who want to integrate (even) more and Netherlands Email List with the various (legacy) applications in their digital work environment. Connection feeling at Netherlands Email List Finally. In organizations it is no longer the (office) location that connects people.

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Work is not a place you go, but something you do Netherlands Email List of time and place. That is why digital work environments should also be a place of recognition, connection and feeling at home. While working organizations are expected to recruit more people in the future who Netherlands Email List not come to an office at all. Who therefore really work remotely. The importance of this role for the Netherlands Email List work environment will only increase.

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