Digital first’ has been the adage in marketing and sales for the Argentina Email Database decade. Then came ‘mobile first’. Both concepts remain crucial, of course. But we propose one more: ‘AI first’. Every business – yes, even a freelancer or smaller retailer – sits on a mountain of data. Apply AI such as machine learning to it and you immediately get a lot of interesting insights about your prospects and customers. How Argentina Email Database learning works? Based on advanced statistical exercises, algorithms look for patterns in data. As a marketer, this gives you a clear insight into who your customers are and how they behave . What characterizes them, what drives their decisions, what is their customer lifetime value and on which triggers (different for everyone) Argentina Email Database you use marketing to realize a higher customer lifetime value?

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Also read: 12 simple machine learning tools for3. Use Argentina Email Database behavioral segmentation instead of traditional ABC segmentations Once you have insight into customer behavior (and you know how valuable that behavior is thanks to customer lifetime value), you can use that to segment and thus improve the customer experience. With the ultimate goal: to increase the Argentina Email Database lifetime value . Segmentation is not new. For years, companies have split their customers into different segments (A, B, C or Gold, Silver), often based on the revenue they generate. However, segmentation based on historical sales figures is not sufficient to Argentina Email Database to offer your customer the right products and services at the right time, via the right channel, in the future.



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Artificial intelligence is a godsend for segmentations. It Argentina Email Database all (un)structured customer data and uncovers patterns. From customer cards and cash register systems to call center data, invoices, e-mails, shopping baskets, social media, web data and data from ERP systems. The more Argentina Email Database , the better the insights. The more granular the behavioral segmentation and the better you can offer your customers a personalized experience . Customer behavior changes constantly throughout the year. Then customers dynamically shift to other segments so that they always match their most correct behavioral segment. That is truly Argentina Email Database -oriented marketing. 4. Also look at the other marketing areas where AI makes the difference Artificial Intelligence can make your marketing and sales efforts smarter in many more ways. Pattern analyzes of lost customer

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