E-commerce is on the rise, and it’s not slowing down. Astonishingly, in 2020 alone, more than  billion people bought something online. Also, due to the wide variety of e-commerce platforms on the market, opening an online store is now one of the quickest and most straightforward ways to start your own online business. Typically, these allow you to create an e-shop and start selling in minutes.

Customize your store

With Vetrinalive’s premium plan, you can choose Algeria Mobile Number a store theme that you can edit to make your own. There are nine themes available. However, these are not very diverse and look similar at first glance. There is also no drag and drop editor. Instead, you can only edit page sections such as header and menu, cover image, checkout, and more. However, you can determine your text and background colors, upload your own logo, and link your own domain. Overall, Vetrinalive has few design options and an unintuitive editor. You often have to click into and out of sections to try and find what you’re looking for. The gallery feature is also a bit of a hassle. You can only add up to 25 images to the gallery displayed on your website, and you have little say in its application or design. You also cannot add titles or descriptions to these images. Unfortunately, this has a negative impact on your store’s accessibility and SEO.


Vetrinalive currently offers very Algeria Mobile Number few integrations – in fact, there are no native integrations at all. Instead, you can integrate with third-party services through webhooks and Zapier. You can also access tracking and analytics through the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. However, as of this writing, Vetrinalive does not offer its own website analytics.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to ensuring your products are seen online. But unfortunately, Vetrinalive doesn’t even offer basic SEO functionality right now. For example, you can’t change meta tags or site descriptions, or add alt text to images. That said, SEO features are on the roadmap for eventual additions. For now, though, this is a major downside.

Algeria Mobile Number
Algeria Mobile Number


Vetrinalive Review: Customer Support

If you have questions about Vetrinalive’s platform, where can you Algeria Mobile Number find answers? One option for many e-commerce platforms is their online knowledge base. This is designed to answer frequently asked questions and provide insights into the capabilities of the platform. Unfortunately, Vetrinalive’s knowledge base is relatively sparse. There are only 13 FAQs about pricing almost exclusively, and 14 articles on key features. Unfortunately, these were updated over a year ago, and the article on pricing seems to refer to outdated plans.None of these articles are particularly in-depth, which unfortunately means there isn’t much self-help support on the site.


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