The legal purpose of a trademark is that the consumer can identify Hong Kong Phone Number List the product. Service for which the trademark is applied for as coming from a particular company. Example: you buy an Apple computer because you are promised a certain quality and design Hong Kong Phone Number List of a certain company with that brand. As important conditions for achieving this goal, the mark must have distinctive character and must not be descriptive. This involves looking at the products and services for which the trademark is applied for. What does ‘being distinctive’ and ‘not being descriptive’ mean?

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If a brand has distinctive character, it ensures that the consumer Hong Kong Phone Number List can recognize. That a product or service is from a certain company, so that that consumer can make their purchase decision. If the consumer cannot see a brand as a brand and therefore does Hong Kong Phone Number List not perform its basic function, then it has no distinctive character. A trademark may lack distinctive character for various reasons. For example, it may be too common to be seen as a brand. But it can also be too simple or too complicated, for example. An example of a trademark without distinctiveness is a single dot. Because such a brand is too simple, the consumer cannot recognize it as a brand.

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An example of a brand with distinctive character is a picture of Hong Kong Phone Number List an apple for the product computers. Also read: What about employee privacy in the event of an epidemic or pandemic? If a mark is not descriptive, it does not describe any characteristic of the Hong Kong Phone Number List product or service for which it is applied. For example, it should not describe who the product or service may be intended for, or any quality the product or service may have. Or the place where the product or service can come from. An example of a descriptive brand is ‘Apple’ for fruit juices. Such a brand could describe the taste of the fruit juice. An example of a non-descriptive brand is Apple for computers.

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