That’s pretty much it. But the sky didn’t fall because it was a bad date. I got up again the next morning and often learned something good from it. 3. Visualize in a positive way. It’s easy to get caught up in your usual and habitual negative image of how a situation is going to play out. So you get nervous. Next time you have an upcoming date, party, or meeting, try taking a break. For once, allow yourself to see things in a positive way. Here’s how: Lie down in bed or sit in a comfortable place.

What is the worst possible scenario in reality?

Close your eyes. In your mind, see how the situation will develop – seeing and hearing – and how well you feel in this meeting. See yourself as positive, open, and have a good time with a smile. And see the great results you want in your mind. Then release cell phone number lookup south africa by imagining it has happened, and the session ends with the desired outcome. This is very effective and even allows you to enter a good, confident and relaxed headspace before entering a meeting room, classroom or bar. Give it a try and see how this exercise works for you.

Be as prepared as possible.

Maybe it will be something you want to keep doing. 4. Slow down and breathe through your belly. A few minutes before you get into a situation that makes you nervous, you slow down. Walk slowly to the meeting point. Move slowly. If you want, you can even stop for a minute and then stand still. Then breathe through your nose. Take a little deeper breath than usual. Make sure to breathe through your belly. Not your boobs (a common problem when people are stressed or tense).

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