Meta became very visible in the past month in the topics that Brazil Phone Number List came up on LinkedIn and in professional blogs. How do you organize a working day from home? What is the smartest way to meet with colleagues?  Do we actually use meta-communication? What is the point of meta-communication anyway? Meta-communication indicates what you read or hear. The podium speaker who says that he only gets 20 minutes from the organization indicates that he has much more knowledge and content than what he can tell in 20 minutes. The faltering speaker with trembling hands indicates that he finds speaking in public difficult.

Understands What’s

The accountant who makes a vlog about his experience working Brazil Phone Number List from home with children. Implicitly indicates that the deadline for the annual statements could be exceeded. Or in an abstract way. The blogs about working from home and online meetings Brazil Phone Number List form the ‘how’ that ensures that we can better interpret the ‘what’. Meta-communication. Good or bad? Is meta good or bad? That differs per situation. Is perhaps just a matter of personal taste. “My children are a bit restless today”, “I have to leave a little earlier. I’m through it for a while” offer a nuance in a personal or business conversation that the other person can take into account. As a listener you can appreciate that or find it unprofessional.

Going On After

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The use of meta-communication therefore depends on the Brazil Phone Number List target group. For the speaker who says “I only got 20 minutes from the organization. You can think: this speaker is good, 20 minutes is way too little, or you think: by saying this there are only 19 minutes Brazil Phone Number List and 40 seconds left , In a following article we will continue with a strategic. Tactical approach for digital workplace and digital employee experience, whereby we will also fall back on Office 365. We are curious about how you look at this. Maybe you have a very good example of your organization, or you know of a company where they really don’t have it right. Feel free to ask your questions via the comment option below.

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