One of the things I’ve found that really helps is opening up when obstacles or obstacles in my path seem insurmountable, or I don’t have the energy to try again. So I talk about it with my wife, parents or friends. I vent and fix things for myself while others are just listening. Or he or she helps me get a more solid and clear-headed view again by offering some good advice.

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This reloaded my drive and energy and helped me see things from a more useful perspective again. If you can’t find someone like this in real life at this time – or maybe just because of the specific challenge you’re facing right now – then go online and ask Honduras WhatsApp Number List for support and advice in groups and forums. 4. Tell yourself: just for today! This is a simple little phrase I got from Brian Tracy years ago. I still use it a lot when I’m having a bad day with a new habit. I tell myself:

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just for today I will XX! Replace that XX with something you do today, like going to the gym, eating a healthy lunch, or writing your work report. Telling myself that I will do something for today, I get two big benefits: The task becomes lighter and the inherent resistance to doing it decreases. Because I only focus on today, I don’t think about the time I’ve done this task in the past and the time I’ll do it in the future. I was reminded that I didn’t have to use willpower for the rest of my life to develop this new habit.

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