Picnic delivers the next day and flash deliverers are there Lebanon Email List minutes. That is of course a big difference. But should Picnic really be concerned? Probably not (yet) . Picnic is of course much larger in the Netherlands, and they also deliver to suburbs and villages. In addition, the range is Lebanon Email List larger and they have already built up a good name recognition. Another difference between these concepts is that Gorillas works with delivery costs, and Picnic with a minimum order value. In addition, Picnic takes back the Lebanon Email List bags they use with a next order, and they also take your empty bottles with them.

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Oh and don’t forget: you can also give your DHL package Lebanon Email List a return shipment. The service that Picnic provides is therefore more extensive, just like the range. Investors believe in it Gorillas has already raked in investments of 335 million and 290 million dollars . But apparently Lebanon Email List money is almost gone. Gorillas is pursuing a new $500 million financing round. The investors therefore have a lot of confidence in this concept. But these huge amounts also show that enormous costs are currently being incurred. That is of Lebanon Email List not surprising.

Lebanon Email List

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wages for the bicycle couriers, everyone has an electric bicycle, there are Lebanon Email List distribution centers in cities (ie in expensive locations) and all locations are supplied twice a day. So whether the concept will ever really become profitable… Maybe only for the parties that win this flash competition. Negative Lebanon Email List However, there are also negative reports about speed cameras. They load and unload twice a day (usually) in the middle of the city at busy places. There is therefore a traffic jam twice a day. The electric bicycles tear around, Lebanon Email List choosing the pavement for speed. The choice is huge

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